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FokaSKIN FokaSKIN top film is designed for sealing to rigid PET/PE trays in vacuum skin applications as well as on carboards trays, or other types of containers, according to the customer’s request. Perfect for meat, fish, and poultry products that require a longer shelf-life and can reduce your storage and distribution issues. Looks [...]


Foka Re-Seal


Foka Re-Seal We continuously strive for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. Foka Re-Seal preserves food quality longer. Foka responds to consumers’ needs for more practical and environmentally friendly packaging. The main functions of Foka Re-Seal is easy to open and re-closing, which keeps the product fresh for longer and helps reduce food waste. [...]

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FokaBAR TF 150


FokaBAR TF 150 FokaBAR TF150 is a fully recyclable bottom film for thermoforming 9-layer coextruded film produced on extruders of the latest technology. When used in combination with films such as Foka’s top 77 recyclable film it creates a packaging solution that is completely recyclable. It is suitable for various products such as fresh [...]

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FokaTOP 77


FokaTOP 77 FokaTOP 77, classified as having excellent recyclability, is just one of the successful products developed as part of the Foka d.o.o. rethink initiative. This, environmentally friendly recyclable Top Web film is highly transparent, with high barriers and superior transparency whilst reducing environmental footprint. Combined with FokaBAR TH 150, a recyclable bottom foil [...]

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Newly acquired 3.000 m² of indoor space


Newly acquired 3.000 m² of indoor space Due to a significant increase in the business volume, Foka Ltd. invested in a significant increase of business premises at the end of 2017. and beginning of 2018. The total area of the space is increased by 40 percent, and as soon as the weather [...]

Newly acquired 3.000 m² of indoor space2018-04-05T20:01:51+00:00

New shapes and new models


New shapes and new models Following the latest world standards, Foka Ltd. has invested into a brand new machine for bags converting plant, in which, on average, about 2.5 million bags of different shapes and sizes are produced daily. The new machine for the forming and converting of bags has got additional features [...]

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Thank-you note of local government for contribution to ecology


Thank-you note of local government for contribution to ecology The Environmental Office of the Municipal Administration of Gornji Milanovac municipality awarded the company Foka Ltd. a Thank-you note for contribution to preservation and protecting ecologically sound environment. "Customer demands for environmentally sustainable products represent a significant challenge for the flexible packaging industry. [...]

Thank-you note of local government for contribution to ecology2018-05-04T13:37:56+00:00

Become Our Scholar


Become Our Scholar If you are a hard working and ambitious student, ready for further training and learning after completing your studies, if you have the desire to achieve your professional goals at Foka Ltd. and if you are a student of III or IVth year, or master studies, you are invited to participate [...]

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