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Foka Re-Seal

We continuously strive for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. Foka Re-Seal preserves food quality longer. Foka responds to consumers’ needs for more practical and environmentally friendly packaging. The main functions of Foka Re-Seal is easy to open and re-closing, which keeps the product fresh for longer and helps reduce food waste. Foka Re-Seal is sealed to preformed PE trays.

Foka Re-Seal top film is an ideal solution for products such as fermented meat products and hard cheeses, because the packaging is tailored to consumers. The high transparency of the film provides excellent visibility of the product, and its puncture resistance provides additional benefits to both sellers and consumers. So, the next time you are looking for top-quality packaging, get a package that can be closed again and enjoy fresh products for longer.



  • the ability to re-close more than 10 times longer
  • preserves the freshness of the product and minimizes food waste


  • no sharp tools required to open
  • improved product presentation and maintaining
  • brand visibility even after opening of the package


  • It is possible to add an anti-fog additive (at the customer’s request)
  • Re-closing the PE tray more than 10 times
  • Barrier-free or with high barrier on O2 (according to customer’s request)
  • UV barrier (at customer’s request)
  • The product contains pressure-sensitive adhesive for resealing
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