Trade and Retail Chains

Our advertising bags are a great choice for your brand promotion. By combining the highest-quality materials with top-quality printing, our bags best reflect your brand and communicate your advertising message long after the customer exits your shop. The advertising bags we produce are price-competitive, and in terms of quality without competition on the market. Please check our solutions for promotional bags to find out more, or contact our sales representatives to find the best solution that will make your brand even more famous.
Talk to us about your requirements and we will deliver you the packaging that the most subtly represents and best protects your product. You can contact us at or call us at +381 32 720 635.

have a reinforced handle that does not interfere with the design of bags. Bags are printed in flexo printing up to eight colours.

printed in flexo printing up to eight colours

despite the reduced material thickness have excellent toughness and durability. According to the customer’s request we deliver them in loose packs or on rolls, unprinted or printed.

Foka’s bags on rolls and freezer bags