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FokaSKIN top film is designed for sealing to rigid PET/PE trays in vacuum skin applications as well as on carboards trays, or other types of containers, according to the customer’s request. Perfect for meat, fish, and poultry products that require a longer shelf-life and can reduce your storage and distribution issues. Looks fantastic on the shelf and enables the retailer to stack it on its side, with no leakages or liquid gathering at the base of the tray. No pads are required, thereby reducing your need for additional packaging, and works towards reducing food waste.

FokaSKIN film is extremely versatile, suitable for multiple applications but most popular for use with fresh & processed meat, poultry, fish, ready meals, cheeses and appetisers. Retail presentation and extended shelf life are also vital to help consumers make the right purchasing decision. Now, you can give your food products the best kind of promotion, the opportunity to see them close-up in all their glory, through a second skin.



  • Vertical product presentation, ensures an attractive presentation at POS
  • Maximum shelf life
  • Prevents the product from leakage
  • Skin film for use on cardboards and rigid PET/PE trays, or other types of containers, according to the customer’s request


  • Attractive product presentation
  • Maximum shelf life
  • Reduction of food waste


  • Low transport volumes compared to MAP
  • Perfect performance on the packaging lines with a wide processing window
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