Confectionery Industry

Fans of coffee, juices and confectionery products have high standards when it comes to quality, and both on domestic and foreign markets – they have a lot of choices. Therefore, the packaging must preserve freshness and quality of the products, but also to stand out by the shape and the design from the competition. Without saving too much time or knowledge, we will offer you a solution that guarantees that your product looks great, that the packaging works well and that your packaging is available when and where you need it.
Talk to us about your requirements and we will deliver you the packaging that the most subtly represents and best protects your product. You can contact us at or call us at +381 32 720 635.

high barrier to oxygen

packaging preserves the flavor of the packaged product

easy to use, high quality and attractive solution for packaging

high seal ability on trays made of diverse material

high material transparency and shrinking ability

film and foil recipes according to the customer specific requirements