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FokaBAR TF 150

FokaBAR TF150 is a fully recyclable bottom film for thermoforming 9-layer coextruded film produced on extruders of the latest technology. When used in combination with films such as Foka’s top 77 recyclable film it creates a packaging solution that is completely recyclable. It is suitable for various products such as fresh and processed meat, fish, cheese and much more.

FokaBAR TF film based on polyolefin (0% PA) combines excellent mechanical properties of the film with extremely high product protection thanks to the EVOH barrier. This film is available in thicknesses from 130 μ to 250 μ. It has a high oxygen barrier and offers excellent workability on all thermoforming machines. FokaBAR TF is adapted to the strict requirements of the food packaging industry where plastics are still necessary to ensure the highest level of food safety and reduce food waste due to its spoilage. The goal of the development was to offer customers recyclable solutions without reducing the effect of the high barrier.


  • Recyclable
  • It can be produced with an easy-open effect
  • Retains barrier properties after thermoforming
  • High transparency
  • Available in colours (at customer’s request)
  • FokaBAR TF is characterized by the possibility of deep drawing, high barrier, perfect gloss, as well as high transparency.
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