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Doypack Bags

Foka’s doypack bags are pactical, high quality and cost effective. They have become an increasingly popular packaging solution for a wide range of products. They have bottom gusset and the front and back sides are suitable for advertising that will differentiate your product from the competition and make it stand out on a crowded shelf. The dimensions of the bags are precisely determined according to the requirements of the product being packed, while the safety of the packaged product is priority. This packaging provides an excellent barrier to oxygen, moisture, aroma, light…

Material Thickness
PET // PE 40-175 µm
PET // PE/EVOH/PE  55-175 µm
  • customed shape and size
  • doypack bags preserve the freshness of the food products and prolong shelf life of the packaged content
  • high barrier
Variants Available
  • zipper
  • tear notch
  • Sasy open
  • Euro slot
  • rounded corner
  • height from 160 to 595 mm
  • width from 100 to 250 mm
  • bottom gusset from 32 to 60 mm


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