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Policy of Equal Opportunities

What makes us different is not who we are, but results we achieve.

All employees in Foka Ltd. are equal and have equal opportunities for success, and their position in an enterprise depends on their work results.

Policy of equal opportunities and non-discrimination within Foka Ltd. is based on the principle of equal opportunities and the prohibition of discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, race, color, national or ethnic affiliation, language, religion, age, political or other belief, social status, property, birth, social status, membership or not in a work union, marital or family status, health status, disability or other traits. From the principle of equal opportunities and the prohibition of discrimination, only those restrictions based on the Constitution and the law are allowed.

All employees in Foka Ltd. have the right to expect from their superiors, subordinates and associates a dignified, courteous and respectful relationship, and by Foka Ltd. no form of discrimination will be tolerated, including harassment, sexual harassment, incitement to discrimination…

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