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FokaTOP 77

FokaTOP 77, classified as having excellent recyclability, is just one of the successful products developed as part of the Foka d.o.o. rethink initiative. This, environmentally friendly recyclable Top Web film is highly transparent, with high barriers and superior transparency whilst reducing environmental footprint. Combined with FokaBAR TH 150, a recyclable bottom foil for thermoforming, it makes the packaging completely recyclable.

FokaTOP 77 also provides unrestricted performance: oxygen and water vapour barriers of different levels are possible and with its wide sealing range, it can be processed efficiently and reliably on existing packaging lines. A masterly finishing – using flexo-printing – ensures an eye-catching presentation at the point of sale.

Recyclable FokaTOP 77 produced by Foka d.o.o. is adapted to the strict requirements of the food packaging industry where plastics are still necessary to ensure the highest level of food safety and reduce food waste due to its spoilage. The goal of the development was to offer customers recyclable solutions without reducing the effect of the high barrier.


  • RRecyclable
  • Barrier and high barrier to oxygen and water vapoure
  • Excellent puncture resistance of the material
  • FokaTOP 77 is available in thickness from 65μ to 105μ
  • Excellent integrity and strength of seals
  • Improved mechanical properties of materials prolong the shelf life of the packed product
  • Other properties as per customer specific requirements
  • UV protection (per customer request)
  • Anti-fog (per customer request)
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