Thank-you note of local government for contribution to ecology

The Environmental Office of the Municipal Administration of Gornji Milanovac municipality awarded the company Foka Ltd. a Thank-you note for contribution to preservation and protecting ecologically sound environment. “Customer demands for environmentally sustainable products represent a significant challenge for the flexible packaging industry.
By producing of increasingly thinner films and improving product performances, as well as recycling waste in production, Foka Ltd. constantly reduces the environmental impact of the packaging. In addition, majority of packaging that Foka produces can be completely recycled.
The result of continuous technology advancements according to the latest world trends is also the production of degradable films, which means that the period of decomposition of polyethylene films is shortened to only a few years. Foka also supports a number of actions focused on protection of the environment – and we have recently jointly realized the campaign “Autumn cleaning of our city”, which was attended by pupils from all elementary and secondary schools in Gornji Milanovac” said representatives of the Environmental Office from Gornji Milanovac during the award ceremony to the enterprise representatives.