Annual Production of Bags Increased by 35 Million of Units

Karville machine

By purchasing a new machine for converting of the most complex types of bags and packagings, company “Foka” Ltd. has increased the capacities of the Bag Converting Plant for about 35 million of units a year, and the latest generation of “Karvill” machine is going to enable us to realize customers’ requests in a significantly shorter period.
On the new machine, we are mainly going to produce doypack and vacuum bags, for which there is an increasing demand in the market, as they are proven to provide an absolute protection of the packaged product. Furthermore, these shapes leave enough space on the packaging alone, so that with the top quality flexo printing we use, you are enabled to highlight your promotional message and draw your customers’ attention to your brand.
After the latest investment, Bag Converting Plant of company “Foka“ Ltd. presently has got 12 converting machines, making us possible to produce around 2.6 million of bags in various shapes and sizes per day.