Newly acquired 3.000 m² of indoor space

Due to a significant increase in the business volume, Foka Ltd. invested in a significant increase of business premises at the end of 2017. and beginning of 2018. The total area of the space is increased by 40 percent, and as soon as the weather conditions make it possible, construction of warehouse space is going to start, with a total area of about 3,000 m².

“The new warehouse space will be physically added to the current production plants, so the production will continue to function “under one roof”, which is extremely important primarily for food safety and the quality of food products packaging, given that almost 70% of the packaging we produce is used just for food products packing ” says Mr. Miroslav Radovanović, General Manager of Foka Ltd.

The completion of construction works at the new warehouse is planned for the beginning of this summer.